Dec. 6th, 2015

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*in a somewhat congested voice* My name is Atobe Keigo, captain of the Hosei tennis club and I believe I am dying *coughs*
I am recording this as my last will *sneeze* testament and as warning to others. *rustle*

Only three days ago we arrived at the hotel Tateyama. Aside from myself there were 42 other athletes, managers and coaches. How they are faring or how many have already succumbed I do not know *cough, sniffle*

While the first day was largely uneventful I noted slight changes in my physical condition as early as the second but thought little of it. Only now do I see it as the first signs of the insidious sickness that now has me in its grasp *winded, longer break*

Now, at the dawn of the third day I am already too weak to leave and I fear the others have fallen prey to the same wretched pandemic that has claimed me. *blows nose*

If humanity *croak* has survived and you find this *cough, wheeze* ...Good luck and remember me


(OOC: Yes, it is true. The camp has claimed it's first victim of the dreaded MANFLU! In other words Atobe has a cold and will be fine with a bit of rest and some hot chicken soup :D )


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