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Merry Christmas!
Atobe Keigo
I do hope you all have spent a relaxing time with your loved ones, friends and family. My mother's party was, like every year a grand occasion and quite the success. Somehow though it feels as if the number of business partners of my family I have to entertain increases exponentially every year. Yuushi, once again, ore-sama is most appreciative of your assistance. Though the night was short spending Christmas day with you was most enjoyable even if it was at Disney Sea and you made ore-sama wear the horrible hat. At least the restaurant we dined at was up to ore-sama's high standards. It was, of course, the ultimate date, just as I had promised.

Now, as to the charity bachelor auction Oshitari-san and my mother signed us up...

It was rather taxing but Yuushi and I have survived it with our sanity and at least shreds of our dignity intact. Sadly our intention to simply purchase each other was foiled (I assume we were not the first to attempt this) and so we owe both to Momoi-chan who was so generous as to bid for Yuushi and myself combined. Do let us know when you would like to claim your day with us my dear.
Hyotei Academy

Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year 2016 from Osaka and hope to see you all well rested and refreshed upon our return from the cruise through the Carribean I was gifted by Santa Claus

Atobe Keigo


Niou, I assume you also enjoyed the date we went on.
Tennis no Ouji-sama
(ooc: Pictures were all taken from - and lets pretend the date on the last picture is 2016)


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