Feb. 23rd, 2016 10:48 am
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This is utterly unaccepatble. How could it even come to this? I was aware Hosei does not boast the most formidable team but at least they could have had the decency to TRY instead of rolling over from the start and letting our opponents step all over us.

Tezuka, we need to talk. Clearly something needs to happen.
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Seeing as the faculty has been so gracious as to require Ore-sama to re-take some of the courses from last term despite I find myself with more free time than usual.

Of course most of it will be dedicated to tennis however I have been warned from over-exerting myself and to also pursue something less strenuous. As such I have studied the possibilities offered and have decided on a yoga course here at Hosei.
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Thank you for inviting me along to the Onsen Yuushi. I quite enjoyed myself and it was a good chance to relax and unwind for once. In return I propose we go skydiving next weekend. It has been far too long since I have been in the air.

Tezuka, as newly appointed captain of the Hosei Tennis team I look forward to a close co-operation with you.

Furthermore I have been considering holding a house warming of a sorts to celebrate my moving into my dorm room this weekend. Of course everybody in Tulip, Hosei or the various tennis teams is welcome to join us. (and all the rest I suppose)


Sanada, are you still alive?


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