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 Yuushi, ore-sama has discovered a game we should consider for the next vacation. 

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Since it is for a good cause Ore-sama has signed you up for the
5K RUN FOR RECOVERY! Wash your best underpants and donate as much as you can. Ore-sama will double every donation made

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 To celebrate Ore-sama's magnificent win in the National Individual Tournament everybody is invited to the celebration held in ore-sama's honour at our place in Tokyo. Bring your friends too.

Yukimura, I thoroughly enjoyed our match and would be delighted if you joined us as well.
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Before I forget it

Yukimura - I will observe your 'practice' next week. Also your birthday present has arrived. I will have it delivered to your dorm.

paintbrush clock


Feb. 23rd, 2016 10:48 am
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This is utterly unaccepatble. How could it even come to this? I was aware Hosei does not boast the most formidable team but at least they could have had the decency to TRY instead of rolling over from the start and letting our opponents step all over us.

Tezuka, we need to talk. Clearly something needs to happen.
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Who won?

Also I assume I have you to thank for waking up in my bed this morning alone

Did anything happen I should remember? If it concerns the stains on my trousers I have already it's not important - I have put them in the trash already. The shirt too, I'm sure it used to have more buttons
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Niou since you seem to be feeling neglected I have arranged everything for the next (and last) date.

I am sure you will enjoy the trip on the boat I'll hire as much as I enjoyed our visit to the zoo. We will spend the day out at sea and do some fishing. It might get a little rough weather wise so I recommend you bring a life-jacket. Lunch will of course be provided, prepared fresh from our catch.

Do let me know what day would be best for you.
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Seeing as the faculty has been so gracious as to require Ore-sama to re-take some of the courses from last term despite I find myself with more free time than usual.

Of course most of it will be dedicated to tennis however I have been warned from over-exerting myself and to also pursue something less strenuous. As such I have studied the possibilities offered and have decided on a yoga course here at Hosei.
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Merry Christmas!
Atobe Keigo
I do hope you all have spent a relaxing time with your loved ones, friends and family. My mother's party was, like every year a grand occasion and quite the success. Somehow though it feels as if the number of business partners of my family I have to entertain increases exponentially every year. Yuushi, once again, ore-sama is most appreciative of your assistance. Though the night was short spending Christmas day with you was most enjoyable even if it was at Disney Sea and you made ore-sama wear the horrible hat. At least the restaurant we dined at was up to ore-sama's high standards. It was, of course, the ultimate date, just as I had promised.

Now, as to the charity bachelor auction Oshitari-san and my mother signed us up...

It was rather taxing but Yuushi and I have survived it with our sanity and at least shreds of our dignity intact. Sadly our intention to simply purchase each other was foiled (I assume we were not the first to attempt this) and so we owe both to Momoi-chan who was so generous as to bid for Yuushi and myself combined. Do let us know when you would like to claim your day with us my dear.
Hyotei Academy

Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year 2016 from Osaka and hope to see you all well rested and refreshed upon our return from the cruise through the Carribean I was gifted by Santa Claus

Atobe Keigo


Niou, I assume you also enjoyed the date we went on.
Tennis no Ouji-sama
(ooc: Pictures were all taken from - and lets pretend the date on the last picture is 2016)
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My dear fellow students. As you have surely heard mentioned tomorrow I will be hosting a little event, a fashion show geared towards you and your needs. The showcased items have been designed by a creative team amongst your midsts and will be presented to you by your friends and schoolmates. The collection covers every day casual wear as well as sports wear and formal wear. My aim was to provide you with a fashionable look for every occasion.

Drinks and snacks will of course be provided so I hope to see everybody there.

Afterward there will be a Christmas party for everybody including the Secret Santa presents being exchanged.

Kite Eishirou
Yachi Hitoka
Toudou Jinpachi
Makishima Yuusuke

Momoi Satsuki
Tachibana An
Kanzaki Miki

Inui Sadaharu
Sanada Genichirou
Ryoma Echizen
Oshitari Kenya
Tachibana Makoto
Hazuki Nagisa

Model coach:
Kise Ryouta

Fuji Syuusuke

Zaizen Hikaru

I have contacted your manager but so far have received no reply

(Ooc: The fashion show will hopefully be a rousing success and will be finished with everybody in swimsuits and a foam party. There will have been flyers and posters put up in every school and dorm and Atobe will have had radio spots broadcasted as well. If I have forgotten your character please let me know and I will add them - more models are always welcome. If you have changed your mind about the participation of your character please let me know and I will remove them)


Dec. 17th, 2015 08:00 pm
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What a dreadful night. Only a few days to go to the show and I had a horrible dream about it.

Kite, please tell me that the designs are not going to look like THIS
higa dress

Aside from that I could not ask for a better team, here or on the courts and I am sure it will be a very successful weekend. Good work everybody - one last push and we can enjoy our well deserved vacation.

Tezuka. If you are free during your time in Tokyo maybe you would like to join me. There is a performance of Béjarte's interpretation of Beethoven's ninth symphony by the Tokyo Ballet I believe you might enjoy.
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*in a somewhat congested voice* My name is Atobe Keigo, captain of the Hosei tennis club and I believe I am dying *coughs*
I am recording this as my last will *sneeze* testament and as warning to others. *rustle*

Only three days ago we arrived at the hotel Tateyama. Aside from myself there were 42 other athletes, managers and coaches. How they are faring or how many have already succumbed I do not know *cough, sniffle*

While the first day was largely uneventful I noted slight changes in my physical condition as early as the second but thought little of it. Only now do I see it as the first signs of the insidious sickness that now has me in its grasp *winded, longer break*

Now, at the dawn of the third day I am already too weak to leave and I fear the others have fallen prey to the same wretched pandemic that has claimed me. *blows nose*

If humanity *croak* has survived and you find this *cough, wheeze* ...Good luck and remember me


(OOC: Yes, it is true. The camp has claimed it's first victim of the dreaded MANFLU! In other words Atobe has a cold and will be fine with a bit of rest and some hot chicken soup :D )
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After being in residence here at Toyama for nigh on a month I have come to the conclusion that there is a frankly horrifying percentage of people here - mostly young men - who seem utterly incapable of dressing themselves in a way that does not offend the eyes.

Clearly this is a cry for help and being the generous soul I m I have decided to help these poor, unfortunate souls. As it so happens the Atobe zaibatsu is involved in the production of clothing and has generously agreed to assist in providing everything necessary to create a clothing line for today's over worked students.

All I require now is the abundant talent of those with a keen sense of fashion (like myself) and if things go as intended there will be a fashion show hosted before the beginning of the holidays.

So, if YOU feel like you have what it takes feel free to contact me.
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Thank you for inviting me along to the Onsen Yuushi. I quite enjoyed myself and it was a good chance to relax and unwind for once. In return I propose we go skydiving next weekend. It has been far too long since I have been in the air.

Tezuka, as newly appointed captain of the Hosei Tennis team I look forward to a close co-operation with you.

Furthermore I have been considering holding a house warming of a sorts to celebrate my moving into my dorm room this weekend. Of course everybody in Tulip, Hosei or the various tennis teams is welcome to join us. (and all the rest I suppose)


Sanada, are you still alive?
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How lovely to be back in Japan once again. Though I already miss the Italian coffee - it simply is not the same here, even with the imported machine and the beans I brought back with me. Maybe it is the atmosphere, the water and the air - that or I should see about hiring the lovely barista from my favourite café for the duration of my stay. It is just not feasible to fly back just for a cup of coffee as much as I may wish to, there is simply not enough time for it.

That said, for all those who do not know me (and have obviously lived under a stone for the last ten years), my name is Atobe Keigo and I am joining the Hosei faculty to complete my degree in Political Science and this is the obligatory introduction post I was advised to make.


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